Tsaile Az
Shiprock NM

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Core Competencies 

  • Large scale application development and deployment.
  • Legacy application migration
  • Support policies and procedures
  • Budget, Project, Vendor and Team management.
  • Leadership and Teambuilding


Languages: C++, Rust, Python, Go, Julia, Java

Curriculum Vitae



  • CSCI 5273: Network Systems

    Focuses on design and implementation of network programs and systems, including topics in network protocols, architectures, client-server computing, software-driven networking, and other contemporary network hardware-software system design and programming techniques. Familiarity with C and Unix is required.

  • ECEN 5008: Coordinated Control of Multi-Agent Systems

    Basics of graph theory and convex optimization; consensus on graphs, parallel and distributed computation methods, regret and convergence analysis, cooperative games, and elements of online optimization. The techniques and methodologies presented in the course are introduced through application setups including power and energy systems, sensor networks, transportation systems, and social networks.

  • CSCI 5448: Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

    An applied analysis and design class addressing the use of object-oriented techniques. Topics include domain modeling, use cases, architectural design and modeling notations. Students apply the techniques in analysis and design projects

  • CSCI 7000: Strengthen Democracy Through Technology

    Research and review technological impact on the democratic process of infromation sharing and the proliferation of infromation bubbles and its impact on society.

  • CSCI 5722: Computer Vision

    Explores algorithms that can extract information about the world from images or sequences of images. Topics covered include: imaging models and camera calibration, early vision (filters, edges, texture, stereo, optical flow), mid-level vision (segmentation, tracking), vision-based control and object recognition. Recommended prerequisite: probability, multivariate calculus and linear algebra.

  • CSCI 5229: Computer Graphics

    Studies design, analysis and implementation of computer graphics techniques. Topics include interactive techniques, 3D viewing and models, clipping, transformations, projection, removal of hidden surfaces, lighting, textures and shadows. Knowledge of basic linear algebra is required.

  • CSCI 5403: Intro to Cybersecurity

    Introduces core concepts in cybersecurity including confidentiality, integrity, authentication, risk management, and adversarial thinking. The concepts will be applied to both traditional information technology (IT) systems and cyber physical systems (CPS). At the conclusion of the course, students should have a solid foundation in cybersecurity and hands-on experience.

  • CSCI 5839: User-Centered Design and Development

    Develops the skills and practices necessary to apply user-centered approaches to software requirements analysis, and the design and evaluation of computer applications.

  • CSCI 5239: Advanced Computer Graphics

    Studies design, analysis and implementation of advanced computer graphics techniques. Topics include shaders, using the GPU for high performance computing, graphics programming on embedded devices such as mobile phones; advanced graphics techniques such as ray tracing.

  • CSCI 5673: Distributed Systems

    Examines systems that span multiple autonomous computers. Topics include system structuring techniques, scalability, heterogeneity, fault tolerance, load sharing, distributed file and information systems, naming, directory services, resource discovery, resource and network management, security, privacy, ethics and social issues.

  • CSCI 5828: Foundations of Software Engineering

    Provides an introduction to software engineering concepts and techniques. Topics include the history of software engineering, fundamental software engineering principles and theory, software life cycles, software testing, and the design and implementation of concurrent and large-scale software systems.

  • CSCI 5413: Security and Ethical Hacking

    Teaches basic exploit design and development through hands-on experimentation and testing. Uses a controlled environment to give students a "playground" in which to test penetration skills that are normally not allowed on live networks.

  • CSCI 6000: Introduction to the Computer Science PhD Program

    Instructs new Ph.D students in Computer Science how to obtain a Ph.D and how to become an effective member of the computer science research community. Makes students aware of formal requirements, educational objectives, and research themes. Provides evaluative criteria and guidelines for all objectives to be achieved.

  • CSCI 6100: Computer Science Colloquium

    Learn about innovative research and teaching in computer science by attending talks and discussions by leading researchers and educators. Learn professional presentation skills and etiquette of participating in scientific research presentations.

  • CSCI 6200--001:  Computer Science PhD Career Development

    Learn how to make the most of your CS PhD by understanding and preparing for a career as a computer science research in academia, industry, and government. Students need to take this class once they complete Preliminary Exam and before their proposal defense.

  • Self Study:

  • Data mining
  • Algorithms
  • Linear Algebra
  • Graph Theory
  • Independent Research

  • QUIC Protocol
  • Chromium Internals
  • Academic Work  Experience


    Professional Work  Experience

      Tower Research Capital:   Senior Developer  Core Engineeriing , New York, NY       

    2014 - 2015
     Bank of America: Consultant, Shared Production Managment, New York, NY 

     Goldman Sachs: Vice President, North American Technolgy Operations Manager, Jersey City, NJ

     Liquidnet: Lead FIX connectivity analyst Global Exchange Connectivity, New York, NY

     Barclays Capital: Vice President, Quantatative Prime Services, Application Support Manager, New York, NY

     Lehman Brothers: Vice President, New York, NY Acquired by Barclays capital. See above

     Bear Stearns:  Vice President, Equities Trading Technology,  Equity FIX team manager,  New York, NY

     SIAC (Securites Industry Automation Corporation): Consultant (Client Customer Services), New York, NY

     Rosenblatt Securities: Vice President Firmwide Technology, New York, NY

     JPMorgan Chase: Associate VP, Equities and Cross Business E-Commerce Trading Systems, exchange connectivity, New York, NY

     Bloomberg L.P.: Senior Developer, Bloomberg Tradebook, New York, NY