Dwight Browne

My professional details: www.linkedin.com/in/dwightbrowne

I am entering my third year as a PhD student at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the Computer Science department. My research is in computer security, more specifically (for now) vehicle telematics and edge computing. I am currently advised by Daniel Massey.

Many of my age peers have discussed and fear the inevitable and possibly involuntary retirement we will all face. Many long for days of idle leisure and time with their grandchildren. Some fear financial insecurity while others fancifully dream of African safaris, becoming a snowbird or even climbing Mount Everest.

The realities of retirement frightens me and besides paying taxes, I have not made any contribution to society in 30 years of professional work.

"Well you certainly don't have to get a PhD to do that."

One does not. But pursuing a doctorate will certainly provide more than enough time to figure it out.