My opinions on Usability

Usability and interface design is incredibly important and many don't understand why.



Writing software, managing developers or application infrastructure rarely address the issue of user interface design nor operational process E.g. how do we write code and create an infrastructure to efficiently and effectively address run time issues.

The concept of usability began for me in the early 1990's at Bloomberg. At the time, the terminal was an 80x24 9" CRT with rudimentary 8 bit character graphics that now would seem incredibly primitive for the 21st century.

At the time, the design of customer facing "screens" was at the caprice of the programmer and management. Acceptability was arbitrary.

The Art Human-Computer Interface Design, by Brenda Laurel was suggested reading and was the only book on the subject.

Things have changed significantly since then when the Nokia 8110, as seen in The Matrix, was highly coveted, AOL was popular and Netscape was the browser of choice.

This blog will provide commentary on the state of design and usability for my class CSCI 5839 taught by Professor Shaun Kane.

Many of my comments are from the perspective of a curmudgeon who has seen enough to know one can either accept the state of affairs or try to effect change after some erudition.




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